Hooper Ruff is the stuff of humble beginnings, a real underdog story. The business was the idea of Executive Assistant Amelia Hooper who wanted to create something of her own. Amelia started Hooper Ruff because every dog is special and unique to their owner, and that man’s best friend deserves products that are just as unique.


Hooper Ruff started in late 2019 with the business focused solely on high-end bespoke dog clothes. But disaster struck. Large chain stores like Big W and Target kept expanding their pet range, in particular, their dog collection - Hooper Ruff had to pivot their business strategy. And fast.

It took a year to develop and re-build from the ground up. BUT - Hooper Ruff landed on something far better. Natural dog products that are tailored to your dog's needs. By the start of 2020, Hooper Ruff was a young dog label with it's own care range. 


Fast forward into 2021 and the business  moved from a small line of 24 products to over 300+ in the Hooper Ruff online store. If that wasn't enough, Hooper Ruff went on to create one of the largest personalised product ranges for dogs. The Australian designs are classic and stylish. 


Today, Hooper Ruff is still run by Amelia Hooper and her German Short Haired Pointer - Posie. The Ruff duo have a lot in the pipeline and are excited to share more exciting updates.

Rest assured, your dog's well-being is at the heart of every decision Hooper Ruff makes.