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April Winner: My Premature Pup

Each month Hooper Ruff run a competition asking Australian dog owners to share a story about their pup and what makes the relationship special. Anyone that has a dog knows that their is a irreplaceable bond between you and your little fur baby. Life just wouldn't be the same without them.

This month we are sharing the story of Bruce Almighty who is our April 2020 winner.

Bruce Almighty's Story

Bruce Almighty was an unplanned arrival, he was born premature and the only one in his litter to survive, he was also born with a deformed ear.

Due to Bruce being born premature, he was put into the hands of a vet nurse who bottle fed him until he became strong enough to join his new family. It was at this time that the Vet nurse noticed something about Bruce's ear. She helped his little ear heal, unknown that he would forever have a small ear.

Bruce’s face kept popping up on Facebook and his new owner knew she had to have him. He was the perfect pup to join the family who already had a retired greyhound. It was love at first sight when they saw Bruce.

Almost Out Of The Clear

Bruce had a tough start, however, things weren't over for him just yet. Bruce developed skin allergies which was a concern as he was such a young puppy. The vet monitored poor Bruce and it was put down to being a premature puppy. On top of this, Bruce underwent five procedures (all at once) at such a tender age. Being a flat face boy he needed his soft palette thinned and shortened as well as his nostrils widened. These surgeries accompanied a hernia procedure and de-sexing, luckily Bruce bounced back relatively quickly.

His ears still tend to get bacterial infections (common for the breed). Long term, Bruce does have a few special needs, one of which is needing a controlled environment as hot and cold weather can affect his health. His greyhound siblings are also in the same boat, so needless to say finding a space on the couch for humans can be a challenge!

Little Dog, Big Personality

Bruce settled into family life easily and with his big personality, his hard start was put behind him. He is a quick learner and is very good at sitting, expecting a treat every time.

His favorite food is everything (even lettuce) and he loves to play fetch all day long. His face may always look grumpy however he is a chilled out happy little dude who keeps his mum on her toes with his thievery and constant quest to rearrange the house.

Bruce uses his little ear as a way to get pats from everyone he crosses paths with and is a master of selective hearing.

Looking Past A Deformity

Are you looking for a pup? Don’t shy away from a dog that may not look perfect, any owner will tell you that the love you will have for them will outweigh everything else (even the vet bills).

Every dog is special, but some enter the world with more needs than others. September 13 is Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day, a day that its founders hope will “increase awareness that birth defects are common, costly and critical,” and lead to safer breeding practices to prevent the most common forms of birth defects in dogs and cats.

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