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Dog Wash Review With Love Pup

Check out our cracker review by Love Pup.

Hooper Ruff have been growing extensively throughout 2020, due to our recognisable branding and natural ingredients that encompass the brands essence.

With our own home grown celebrity personalities like Janet Roach (Real Housewives of Melbourne) turning to natural dog products, we are seeing a shift in the market for pet owners.

Even micro influencers like The Biggle Wiggle (26.2k) & Arlo The Schnauzer (21.3k) are health conscious dog lovers when it comes to picking out a good dog wash.

Rave Reviews for Hooper Ruff

Love Pup has completed an extensive review of our range and we are delighted to announce our Cedarwood Wash was a knock out - 10/10! See the full article here.

Who Is Love Pup?

Love Pup is the go to for dog accessories, specifically dominating the bandannas, bow-ties and a wonderful winter scarf collection which you can view here.

These products are beautifully crafted into seasonal on trend designs for your four legged friend.

Supporting Australian Dog Brands

Peruse these elegant designs, and find the perfect bandanna to compliment your dog's personality. You can review the collection here.

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