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Media Release: A Little Bit Ruff.

We don’t want to bore you with a basic media release that is TL;DR (Too Long Didn’t Read). Here at Hooper Ruff we keep it real, short and simple.

Why are we gaining so much attention for a business that hasn’t even launched yet? What makes us unique?

  • Natural dog products

  • Customised products specifically for your dog's needs

  • 2 in 1 - Shampoo and conditioner (bang for your buck)

  • Insta famous dogs love us

  • Up front with ingredients

  • Coming soon to Amazon

Hooper Ruff is no bull. Fur-Real! We don’t have any parabéns, sulfates or any of the silly harsh chemicals that go into soaps and shampoo - we’ve stripped it back to the basics. So that you can have a glossy finish. Mother nature will thank you later. And it smells so good too.

We promise to throw the ball very soon. But we want to make you drool first. Launching on the 15 December 2019. We are worth the wait. Just like a new chew toy.

Look out for our Blue Balls Campaign in November. Glad we got your tails wagging.

Now fetch!

You’ll be coming back for more.

Wanna Get Ruff?

Contact us anytime:

Amelia Hooper - Founder - 0467 786 999

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