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The scary side of dog shampoo: Quality Vs Quantity

Updated: May 11, 2020

Since dogs groom by licking themselves it is important to be mindful of what goes onto their skin and fur. Natural plant and mineral based shampoo is popular and a good choice for most dogs.

Whats the G.O? Dogs have more sensitive skin than humans so as most people know, human products should never be used on your fur baby. Canine skin is prone to conditions like dermatitis, allergies, and even sunburn. Dogs also require a different pH balance, so the first and most important step is to choose a shampoo specifically formulated for dogs.

Depending on the size of your dog & the bathing frequency they require, a single bottle of shampoo should last quite a while so you shouldn’t feel bad about paying a little more for a good quality dog shampoo.


Not all pet shampoos are created equal. Some have artificial coloring and fragrances that can irritate canine skin and ultimately cause harm over time.

Tea tree based shampoos can pose a risk to your dog. Although it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties concentrated amounts of tea tree oil can pose health risks to dogs. This said there are some pet products containing tea tree oil that can actually be of benefit to dogs but it shouldn’t be present in their shampoo.

Watch out for dangerous ingredients like formaldehyde and isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), which also appear in some pet shampoos. Pay attention, just because a brand makes high-quality human shampoo it doesn’t mean they know what’s best for a dog shampoo.

Every dog is different and may react to ingredients that others do not. Monitor your dog carefully for adverse reactions after a bath, which may indicate anything from harmful ingredients, high sensitivity, or allergies.

Choosing a dog shampoo

It’s best to choose a pet shampoo with all-natural ingredients. Since dogs groom by licking themselves it is important to be mindful of what goes onto their skin and fur.

Sensitive dog wash is popular and a good choice for most dogs. Other natural ingredients safe for dogs include olive oil, essential oils, and coconut oil.

You should try to stick to dog shampoos that use a natural fragrance. Finding a scent that is pleasant and natural isn't hard; lavender, cedarwood, and rose geranium are all pet-safe options. Check out Hooper Ruff's essential oil range.

In some cases, your pet might need more than a simple, natural shampoo. If your dog has a skin condition, your vet may recommend a medicinal shampoo. You can also learn about what ingredients are best for your dog's condition by speaking to your veterinarian.

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