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Duck Jerky by Hooper Ruff is 100% Queensland sourced poultry that is carefully selected and dried on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.


Duck breast is the best part of the duck to use when making duck jerky. The breast is the largest part of the bird and is very lean. This protein packed super food is just what you need in your dog's  life. 

These tender breasts are premium quality air-dried using the finest, leanest cuts. Best described as a delicious duck treat for the fussiest of dogs.


This jerky comes in a 100g lined black food grade cannister, which is perfect to store in the pantry or fridge. The unique design locks freshness in, keeping your treats delicious for 9 months.


This product is proudly Australian, sourced from only the finest premium cuts that Queensland has to offer. We take pride in our products and choose to support our local economy as much as we possibly can.

10x Duck Jerky

  • We have done the maths for you. Check out what you make on each item:

    • Cost per item (Inc GST): $12.95
    • Your profit per item: $4
    • RRP (This is just our suggestion): $16.95

    When ordering this item, it comes in a carton of 10. Meaning you receive 10 cylinders, each with 100g of dog jerky.

    • Box of 10 (Inc GST): $129.5
    • Your profit per box 10: $40
    • RRP (This is just our suggestion): $16.95