Fruit Dental chew

Fruit Dental chew

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Giving your dog treats just got better! No more telling your dog “sit” or “roll over” to spoil them with treats. With our eco friendly rubber fruit range, you can make your furry friend work for them! This chew toy is ideal for pet parents who want to challenge their pet’s cognitive skills even more and keep them entertained and intrigued for longer; it’s the dream dog toy that gives your dog a brain boost and give them plenty of activity during the day!

Perfect for teeth coming through and dogs that love to chew. The durable rubber is easy to clean and non slip, meaning it can withstand all the drool and slobber1


  • No removable parts – no choking hazards and keeps toy intact
  • Keeps your pet entertained and prevent destructive behavior
  • Improves your dog’s cognitive skills and intelligence – mentally stimulating game
  • Great to use to bond with your pet and give them a challenging way to receive treats
  • Suitable for all dogs of any age, breed or size
  • Easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting use

Material: Rubber