Orange Flower Snuffle

Orange Flower Snuffle

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Snuffle Mat, also known as a Snuffler, is great mental stimulation for your pet. It can be used to reduce anxiety, slow down a fast eater or simply as a fun reward for your fur baby. 

If you have an anxious dog who makes you feel guilty, becomes distressed or even destructive when you leave them at home alone, use a Snuffle Mat to distract them and turn an otherwise stressful experience into a positive one.

Your dog will love their Snuffler (Snuffle Mat) and you will love it too. Tails wag, noses twitch and brains engage. It is so much fun to watch!

Hooper Ruff have partnered with our trusted dog loving supplier House & Kitchen. This item will arrive separately from Hooper Ruff wash products. Living in the new world of Covid:19, this item may be slightly delayed as there are more steps with importing goods into the country. We will keep you updated on the arrival of your items and you can contact us anytime at

When you buy this item it allows the Hooper Ruff team to develop more eco friendly natural dog products.  

Made From: Our Snuffle Mats are made using thick, high quality industrial rubber matting and long, thick strands of high quality fleece which are knotted or stitched to the rubber. 

Weight: 150g
Accessories: 3*suction cup
Product size: 40*10cm/15.75in
Packing size: 25*25*7cm/9.84*2.76i