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Our dog paw balm heals and protects dry, cracked skin, and are especially helpful in summer to keep your dog’s paw pads in good shape because sand, hot footpaths and salt can wreak havoc on paw pads. This paw balm in 8g is made specifically to be safe and nontoxic to dogs, and to penetrate the tough, thick skin of the pads while sealing in moisture.


  • Repairs, Rejuvenates and soothes damaged pads
  • Rehydrates dry skin and pads
  • Relieves redness
  • Our paw balm can be applied to dry skin, rough or damaged pads
  • We use 100% Natural products that are animal-safe


Nose & Paw Balm 8g

  • To use paw and nose balm for dogs, start with clean, dry paws and nose. Apply a small amount of the balm on your fingertips and gently massage it onto the paw pads and nose. Allow time for absorption while distracting your dog.


    The balm is non-toxic, so it's safe even if your dog licks it. For preventive care, apply regularly before outdoor activities. If any discomfort or allergic reactions occur, discontinue use and consult your vet. Protect and moisturize your furry friend's paws and nose with this non-toxic balm for their well-being.