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This bow is made from Australian sourced material with a hand stitch gold embelm. Hooper Ruff use Australian seamstresses for the design and stitching of all their bows.


The bow is easily added to any type or thickness of collar by two elastic loops that are sewn on the back. This helps keep the bow in perfect position for photos and playtime.



  • 100% vegan fabric
  • Golden embroidered Hooper Ruff signature button
  • Elastic loops for secure attachment
  • Soft fabric that is itch free



Spot clean with a wet cloth. Sard soap can be used to help with any stains or dirt removal. 

Pride & Joy Bow

  • We have designed our bows with a pattern that is comfortable on the collar. A dog's neck is sensitive, which is why we have used two soft elastic ties. This ensures your dog won't be annoyed when they are going about their business. The design considers safety, with the tails of the bow short so as not to be chewed on. One size fits all.


    Hight: 12cm

    Width: 10cm