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Indulge your pup in the refreshing scent of coconut and lime with our exclusive pack! Featuring a luxurious wash and a matching parfum, this bundle not only pampers your furry friend but also saves you money. Treat your dog to the best with our relax and revitalise pack today!



Coconut and Lime


The fragrance of coconut and lime is a delightful combination of tropical sweetness and citrusy freshness.


The fragrance opens with the creamy and sweet aroma of coconut, reminiscent of freshly cracked coconut shells. As the scent unfolds, the zesty and invigorating scent of lime emerges, adding a burst of citrusy freshness to the mix. The lime note brings a lively and tangy aspect to the fragrance, balancing out the sweetness of the coconut and creating a vibrant and uplifting aroma.


Our dog wash incorporates botanical extracts sourced from all over the world to bring you the most exclusive fragrances, creating a luxurious and captivating bathing experience comparable to the offerings of high-end perfume houses.



  • Maintains Skin Health
  • PH Balanced
  • Promotes Coat Health
  • Controls Odors
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Made & Designed in Australia
  • Recyclable Bottle
  • Not Tested on Animals, Just Lovingly Used on Them
  • No Parabens or SLS 
  • 2:1 Conditioning Shampoo Wash (500ml)
  • Parfum Bottle (125ml)

Relax & Revitalise Pack

$54.90 Regular Price
$49.90Sale Price
    • Maintains Skin Health: Our dog wash & parfum is crafted with gentle, non-irritating ingredients, reducing the risk of dryness, itching, and irritation.

    • PH Balanced Formula: Our dog wash is carefully formulated to match your pet's natural pH levels, ensuring a gentle and balanced cleansing experience that won't disrupt their skin's delicate equilibrium

    • Promotes Coat Health: Enriched with all the good stuff, our dog wash strengthens and nourishes the coat, promoting healthy growth, shine, and resilience against environmental stressors.

    • Controls Odors: Our advanced formula targets odor-causing bacteria, effectively neutralising unpleasant smells and leaving a fresh, long-lasting fragrance that doesn't overpower your pet's natural scent.

    • Vegan-Friendly: Free from animal-derived ingredients, our dog wash is a cruelty-free and ethical choice for pet owners who prioritise animal welfare and sustainable practices.

    • Made & Designed in Australia: Made & Designed in Australia: Crafted under high skincare standards, our dog wash features superior ingredients known for their efficacy and safety, reflecting our commitment to quality and excellence.

    • Recyclable Bottle: Our commitment to environmental sustainability extends to our packaging, which is made from recyclable materials, reducing waste and promoting a greener future for our planet.

    • Not Tested on Animals: Our dog wash undergoes rigorous safety and efficacy testing without the use of animals, ensuring that it's safe and gentle for your pet's sensitive skin while upholding our cruelty-free principles.

    • No Parabens or SLS: Formulated without harsh chemicals such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), our dog wash offers a gentle yet effective cleansing experience, minimizing the risk of skin irritation and allergies.